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Firefox 5 multifuel stove


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The Firefox 5 multifuel stove can use various types of fuel in addition to burning wood. Constructed out of solid cast iron, the Firefox 5 produces enough heat to comfortably maintain the temperature of smaller homes. Producing up to 5kW of heat, the Firefox 5 comes equipped with both primary and secondary air controls, allowing varied levels of ventilation. The flue outlet can be placed either on the top or the rear of the stove, ensuring that it will fit into smaller crannies within the home.

Burning at a 78% fuel efficiency, the Firefox 5 can handle logs up to 150mm in length. Ensure that there is proper ventilation when burning logs, as the smoke can damage and discolour walls and linens. It is recommended that the user burn only seasoned wood, as unseasoned wood is less efficient and produces more tar.

The Firefox 5 presents an old-world aesthetic and charm that’s hard to deny, and is a great alternative to contemporary heating options. It is also available as a DEFRA approved model that is suitable for burning wood as a primary heat source in a smoke control area.

405mm wide x 355mm deep x 575mm tall

125mm (5") Flue Diameter


Firefox 5 multifuel stove

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