Whether you are replacing an old model or installing an entirely new fireplace, choosing a new gas fire for your home is an exciting prospect. The right fire can be the focal point of a room and can instantly lift your entire space. Whether you opt for a streamlined contemporary design to give your room a new lease of life or prefer something more traditional for a cosy, rustic look, this brief guide to the different types of gas fire available will help you to decide which type of fire is best for your space and your needs.

Radiant gas fires

These fires make use of ceramic plates to warm the room, radiating heat into the space. Ceramic has excellent heat retention properties and can remain warm for a long while after the fire has been switched off. In addition to heating the room by radiant heat, they convect heat into your home through a heat exchanger. In the past, these fires were often considered old-fashioned; however, there are many contemporary models available that better suit modern tastes.

Glass front gas fires

Extremely energy efficient, these work with conventional flue systems. They radiate heat straight into the room, forcing warmth out with minimal energy waste. Warm air is also provided via convection, with heat being passed through an exchanger. Check out the latest Energy Efficient gas fires for sale.

Open front/outset gas fires

These look just like a real fire and are extremely efficient at heating your home. Providing radiant heat and some providing both radiant & convected heat, they are perfect for anyone who wants the look and feel of a traditional coal fire without the mess and inconvenience of the real thing.

Outset fires are either glass fronted or have the ceramic white radiant pots and feature a living flame effect that sits on the fireplace hearth rather than inside the chimney area. They work in a similar way to most other glass front fires. They give off a lot of radiant heat. Browse the gas fire range.

Balanced flue gas fires

These are ideal for homeowners who want a gas fire but do not have a flue or chimney in place. Balanced flue fires are supplied with their own flue terminals and vent out through an external wall. They have glass fronts and are completely sealed. They produce both radiant and convected heat, and are extremely energy efficient. Discover an impressive collection of Balanced flue gas fires for sale.