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All about high efficiency gas fires

High efficiency gas fires take advantage of the latest technological developments to deliver effective heating to your home with less energy wastage. Older gas fires are likely to be far less efficient than newer models, which is bad news for your bank balance and for the environment. Simply updating your gas fire can deliver instant savings on your gas bill and help you to heat your home for less.

Save money with a high efficiency gas fire

Simply replacing your older gas fire with a modern, energy-efficient model could help you to make big savings on your energy bills. While you will, of course, have to factor in the cost of your new fire, the reduced fuel costs over time will offset this initial outlay. High efficiency gas fires are particularly useful in homes in which you regularly want to heat just one room rather than heating the whole property with central heating.

Reduce fuel wastage

Many modern gas fires are up to 100 per cent efficient in their use of gas, meaning nothing is wasted. You might not consider that every time you use your older gas fire you are wasting gas, but this is precisely what happens in many cases. By replacing an outdated model, you can achieve the same level of heating with considerably less gas much of the time. Our high efficiency gas fires are all labelled as such, both in store and on our website, so you will be able to check the energy credentials of your chosen model before you buy.

Attractive, modern designs

Gas fires have come a long way in recent decades and you are sure to find a style, size and price point to suit you. Modern gas fires can be installed quickly and easily by a registered professional and can enhance the feel of any room. The right fire can be the focal point of your room, meaning it benefits its surroundings even when it is not in use. Whether you prefer traditional hearth-style fires or are drawn to more contemporary glass-fronted fires, you will find the right high efficiency gas fire for you in our vast collection.

If you would like to know more about our high efficiency gas fire range, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via phone or email at any time or can pop into one of our North West showrooms to see our fires in action.