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The 10 Best Corner Stoves in 2022

Corner stoves are an effective, stylish, and practical method to heat the home.

Corner wood burning stoves and electrical corner stoves can be positioned in the corner of the room, either to free up space or to act as a focal point.

They often have a 90 degree angle glass facade that enables the flame to be seen from all areas of the room.

The installation process of a corner stove is relatively easy, provided a qualified heating engineer is hired to carry out the job.

Here's our Top 10 Corner Log Burner Ideas

Our fireplace experts are committed to providing our customers with the best quality corner stoves on the market.

From electrical corner stoves and corner wood burners - discover the best of The Fireplace Warehouse corner stoves range below.

1. Purevision PVR Cylinder

PureVision PVR Cylinder Stove Fuel Type - Multifuel

Featuring an unobstructed panoramic view of the flames thanks to a modern curved design, this DEFRA approved multi- fuel corner stove is in high demand.

The PVR 2022 uses ultra cleanburn combustion technology and boasts an automatic door latch, along with a powerful airwash system.

Get more details on the PureVision PVR Cylinder Stove.


2. Varde Ovne Aura 1

Varde Ovne Aura 1 wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

Guaranteed to make a statement in your home, the Varde Ovne Aura 1 is proving popular amongst those seeking a stylish, eco friendly corner wood burning stove.

The Varde Ovne Aura 1 uses innovative technology to maintain the cleanliness of the curved glass, allowing for optimum visuals of the flames 24/7.

You can order the Varde Ovne Aura 1 online today.

3. Jotul F135

 JOTUL F163 wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

Thanks to a modern combustion system to ensure efficiency and reduce wood consumption by up to 40% - the Jotul F135 is ideal for individuals who want to use less energy and live a more economical lifestyle.

With a sleek and compact design, not only will this corner stove meet your eco needs, it will also bring elegance and warmth to your home.

Check out more details about the Jotul F135.

4. Nordpeis Duo 1

Nordpeis Duo 1 wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

This DEFRA-approved wood burner has an innovative, stylish design that enables views of the flames from all angles of the room.

It works well in corners and can be used as the main focal point of any living quarters.

Features include highly efficient heating and an airwash system to keep the glass viewing panel clean.

Find out more about the Nordpeis Duo 1 wood burning stove.


5. Jotul F165

Scan 53 Wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

The perfect corner stove to upgrade your modern lifestyle, the Jotul F165 is an ideal investment for those looking for an energy efficient corner log burner.

One of the Jotul F165’s most popular features is the added storage space found in the base of the stove. As a free standing corner stove, the Jotul F165 meets the needs of individuals looking for quality, style and efficiency.

Explore more of the Jotul F165's features.


6. Dovre Astroline

Scan 57 Wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

With flames that can be seen from more than 180°, thanks to the high-quality angled cut glass, the Dovre Astroline is the perfect choice when considering your corner stove purchase.

Its stunning flames will create a cosy yet contemporary atmosphere, provided by the cleanburn combustion system which ensures the glass is kept in the best condition for your viewing and aesthetic needs.

Make the Dovre Astroline your new focal point today.

7. Jotul F137

Nordpeis Duo 2 wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

Ideal for homes that have low energy requirements, the Jotul F137 boasts a gentle matt finish and can be purchased with a pedestal or base.

This contemporary corner wood burning stove has been designed for high performance, as well as efficiency and style.

Browse more information about the Jotul F137.


8. Varde Ovne Aura 11

Nordpeis ME Steel Stand wood burning stove Fuel Type - Wood

From advanced “stay cool” technology to powerful airwash functionality - the Varde Ovne Aura 11 stands out from the crowd with innovative technology and high-quality performance.

To remove ash without hassle, the Varde Ovne Aura 11 features a disc grate to the rear.

Find out more about the Varde Ovne Aura 11.

9. Nordpeis Duo 4

Rocal Estela (12.7kW) Multi fuel Stove Fuel Type - Wood

Looking for cleanliness on the inside as well as the outside? The Nordpeis Duo 4 is definitely the choice for you, as it offers a powerful airwash system along with an internal themotte lined firebox.

Emitting 5kw of heat, the Nordpeis Duo 4 is sure to keep you and your home warm during the winter period.

Enquire about the Nordpeis Duo 4 today.

10. Rocal Estela

Rocal Estela (12.7kW) Multi fuel Stove Fuel Type - Wood

Rocal Estela is a wood burning corner stove with a traditional appearance.

To ensure impressive views of the flames, It has a large four-window glass area. .

The flue attached to the top and triangular shape of the main stove makes it ideal for placing in corners. It also features a highly desirable front log storage area.

Add the finishing touches to your home with the stunning Rocal Estela (12.7kW) Multi fuel Stove.

What you should look for in a corner stove

There's a few things you need to consider that will help guide you to the ideal corner stove for your needs.

  • What type of fuel you want to burn
  • Do you have enough room to store the fuel you want to use?
  • Size of the stove is affected by your home's factors such as size of room, age of property, what sort of insulation is used.
  • Are you wanting to heat one room or a whole property?
  • Stove viewing angle - just a front window or do you want all parts of the room to see the flames?
  • Don't trust the manufacturers' heat output - go and test for yourself as manufacturers can get the estimated heat output wrong.

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