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Choosing the perfect fireplace to complement your fire

Nothing boosts the atmosphere of a space more than the flickering light and comforting heat that emanate from a real fire. To achieve the very best results, it is essential to select a fireplace style that not only acts as a frame for your fire but also fits in with the overall design scheme of the room.

Whether you are looking for a traditional style or a thoroughly contemporary design that will act as a fantastic focal point, there are lots of different options to consider.

A well-chosen fire surround will inject an instant dash of personality into a room and could even be considered a selling point should you decide it is time to move on. Before purchasing your surround, there are a number of key factors to consider. These include the overall design statement you wish to achieve, the layout of the room, and the type of material - stone, marble or wood - that you prefer.

Stone surrounds

Opting for a natural stone surround is an ideal way to make a bold design statement. A surround of this type is particularly suited to a larger room, where the distinctive texture and the noble character of this material will certainly add an instant touch of class. A limestone surround positively exudes charm; sandstone is ideal for more intricate designs; and slate offers truly excellent functionality without compromising in any way on aesthetics.

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Marble surrounds

The beautifully shiny, reflective quality of a marble fireplace  instantly injects a feeling of luxury and sophistication into a room and can really transform and elevate a space. In addition to being a simply stunning way to frame a fire, marble is an extremely easy material to look after and its longevity is unsurpassed. Plump for a classic finish in beige or cream, or push the boundaries by selecting from the more modern palette that incorporates shades of starker black, white and grey.

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Natural wood surrounds

Current design trends are embracing the natural look to which woods lends itself, and bringing the ‘outside in’ is proving very popular among homeowners. Wood fire surrounds are widely available in a huge range of different finishes and work equally well in traditional and more modern settings. In addition to generating a thoroughly cosy ambience in a space, a high-quality wood surround from an ethical supplier ticks all the boxes when it comes to both durability and sustainability.

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