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Choosing the perfect stove

If you are shopping around for a great new stove, there are a number of things to consider before you commit to the purchase. Taking some time to think through the purpose for which the stove is intended and your preferred fuel should help you to narrow down your search.

Consider what type is right for your home

Whether you want a multi fuel burner - one that burns wood, coal, peat or smokeless fuels, a dedicated wood burning stove, or would rather opt for a convenient ‘switch on’ electric or gas stove, you will not be short of choice. The stove market is growing all the time and there are makes and models to suit all interior aesthetics and, of course, all budgets.

What role do you envision your new stove playing in your home? While some people may be looking for a small stove to heat a particular room, others may be looking for one to supply both central heating and hot water throughout a property or simply hoping to add an attractive focal point to their living space.

Whatever the motivation behind your decision to purchase a stove, you will certainly be spoilt for choice in terms of design, size, colour and fuel source.

Gas or Electric?

A gas stove could be an ideal alternative for homeowners looking for the ultimate in convenience. There is a plethora of extremely realistic log or coal fires on the market today that offer efficient heat and the cosy atmosphere many would-be stove owners crave. For those looking for a portable heating solution, electric stoves are improving in design and looks every year and can be placed in practically any room in the home, providing a plug socket is near to hand.

Picking The Right Style

Once you have identified the role you wish your new stove to play in your home, it is time to consider what sort of style would fit best with your home’s interior décor. Whether you reside in a period Victorian property or a contemporary apartment, there will certainly be a stove that is the perfect complement for your design scheme. It is now possible to purchase a stove in practically any colour you desire, or there is always the option to customise if your ideal colour is not available.

Putting in an open fire or stove is the perfect way to revitalise your home and add a real wow factor to your property without breaking the bank. In addition to the obvious aesthetic factor, there are a number of other persuasive reasons to proceed. One of the most sought after styles emerging in 2021 are corner stoves.


One obvious benefit of a working fireplace is the wonderful ambiance created by flickering flames, whether real or of the gas variety. Research demonstrates that house hunters are far more likely to be drawn to a property if it has a working fireplace. What better way to start the New Year than by killing two birds with one stone by adding a cosy focal point to your living space and potentially boosting the value of your property?

Lower bills

Add a fireplace to your home and you could see your heating bills reduce considerably, as you can save money on your bills if you use an open fire or stove to heat part of your property. Alternatively, you could think about installing an electric or gas model that does not need a chimney. If your main goal is to cut costs, shop around for an electric fire - these are extremely energy efficient and exceptionally easy to maintain.

Easy to use

Stoves and fireplaces of all varieties are simple to use. A wood or multi-fuel burner is easy to get the hang of, with minimal time and effort required to get a beautiful roaring fire going. Stock up on wood or coal, kindling and some firelighters, and you are good to go! Other varieties, including gas and electric fires, can be turned on with the flick of a switch and many come with remote controls that control flame height, power and temperature - you won’t even have to get up from the sofa!


If you opt for a wood burner, you can rest easy in the knowledge that wood is categorised as a renewable resource. Carbon neutral and you can burn it without worrying that you are harming the environment. Electric fireplaces will emit no harmful greenhouse gases, meaning that they are entirely environmentally friendly; in addition, gas fires are very convenient and pretty eco-friendly.

Get inspiration by browsing the huge variety of designs and types offer in the stoves collection.