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Combine Classic Style and Warmth with a Wooden Fireplace

Wooden fireplaces are incredibly popular at the moment, and for good reason. Wood, particularly oak, which is commonly used in fireplace surrounds, simply never goes out of style. It complements any decor, any colour scheme and any type of property. Whether you have a period home or a contemporary residence, wood is a timeless choice for a fire surround. The natural warmth and attractive appearance of wood work perfectly in all homes.

Rustic Wooden Fireplaces

If you favour a low-key, more rustic style, wood is the perfect choice for a fireplace. You might prefer something a little less polished in order to complement your natural and less formal style, so look for plain, chunky fireplaces without too much detail. If your ideal home style is rustic and laid-back, avoid anything with intricate carved detail or a high-sheen finish. Accessorise your wooden fireplace with a few large white pillar candles for a welcoming, cosy look.

Contemporary Wooden Fireplaces

If your property is a modern one, or at least has been renovated to look as such, you might want something fairly minimal with clean lines. If you have a carefully put together room and don't want your new fireplace to dominate its surroundings, opt for a compact and unobtrusive fireplace. Modern fireplaces look great with a few simple accessories - perhaps a silver picture frame or a sleek vase in a neutral colour.

Statement Wooden Fireplaces

If you like to make a statement with your fireplace - if you have a large room, for example, and want something to act as a focal point of your space - a wooden fireplace is a great way to do this. Wood is such a versatile material that it lends itself very well to all manner of styles. If you are looking for a statement fireplace, you might not feel that wood is dramatic enough. Of course, any large fireplace is going to act as a statement piece, but why not consider an intricate carved design? While these are not to everyone's taste, in large spacious rooms they can work incredibly well. Make sure they don't overpower the room, though, and be sure they will complement the rest of your decor. More intricate and detailed fireplaces don't tend to need much accessorising, as they already make a statement on their own, but a couple of plain picture frames or plants will do the job if you want to break up the fireplace a little.

Whether you're looking for a surround with classic styling or something more modern, The Fireplace Warehouse offer an unrivaled selection of wood fireplaces.