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2021 Fireplace Trends

Trends are constantly evolving as technology advances and styles come and go. At the Fireplace Warehouse, we’re taking a look at the latest fireplace trends in 2021, ensuring our customers are up to speed with this year's fireplace must-haves!

Media Walls

Media walls are rapidly gaining popularity and though the traditional feature wall has been around for a long time, media walls are a modern spin on the classic, since they include your favourite home devices into the wall. There are an abundance of possibilities when it comes to media walls, with TV’s being the most common feature, therefore it’s not surprising they’re growing so exponentially as an interior design trend. The additional elements such as shelving and other electronic integrations also contribute to the growing trend of media walls.

The electric fireplace is a key component of the growing media wall and as homeowners look to splash out on the interior of their homes, this trend doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

As the nation has been changing it’s socialising habits due to government regulations, outdoor socialising has become increasingly common. However, the British climate hasn’t always complimented the change in outdoor socialising and therefore, demand has soared for outdoor stoves and heaters. Whilst a huge benefit to outdoor stoves is of course the heat element, they’re also a great way to add depth and character to your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional outdoor stove or a more contemporary one, you will be sure to find something to match your taste and bring warmth to your outdoor setting on chillier nights.

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Wall-mounted fires

Another 2020 trend that is continuing to thrive 12 months later in 2021, is wall-mounted fireplaces. With more and more houses being built without chimneys, homeowners are looking for other options to add character and warmth to their living spaces. As the advancement of technology grows, so does design and wall-hung fireplaces are more en-vogue than ever before, making wall-hung fireplaces a perfect statement and focal-point in any living area. Brands such as Suncrest, Evonic and more, boast the most striking wall-mounted fireplaces.

Wood-burning stoves

Whilst typically it is expected that wood-burners are associated with farmhouses and country cottages, as was noted in our 2020 fireplace trends article; wood-burners are continuing to be popular additions in more modern houses.

This trend has emerged throughout recent years as homeowners look to add warmth and a cosy atmosphere to their homes with contemporary wood-burning stoves. Furthermore, wood-burning stoves offer a reduction in heating costs as fuel for the stoves is becoming more readily available.

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