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Hole in the wall gas fires: a guide

If you are looking for fuel efficiency, a stylish finish and a space-saving fire solution, a hole in the wall gas fire could be the perfect choice for your home. As you might have guessed from the name, a hole in the wall gas fire fits into the space in a wall or chimney breast. There are hundreds of different styles and designs, meaning you will have no problem finding a model that perfectly complements your home's decor.

Benefits of hole in the wall gas fires

One of the biggest advantages of this style of fire is that they take up very little space. As they fit neatly into a hole in the wall or chimney breast, they don't take up valuable floor space and can make your room feel bigger. They are not only perfect for smaller rooms where space is at a premium but also look great in rooms of all sizes.

Another big plus is that this type of fire can be highly energy efficient, reducing waste and saving you money on your heating bills over time. The fire’s heat is transferred directly out into the room, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round. Hole in the wall gas fires are also very easy to clean, simply because there is very little surface area! They are usually fairly straightforward to install; however, as with all gas fires and appliances, you will need to use a Gas Safe registered engineer for installation and maintenance.

Who can have a hole in the wall gas fire?

This type of fire is suitable for a wide range of properties. If your room already has a chimney, it is probably suitable for a hole in the wall gas fire. If your home does not have a chimney, it may still be possible for you to have this type of fire installed. Adding a balanced flue is a simple way to open up your options and enable you to choose from a wider range of fires. To do this, you will just need to have access to an exterior wall. There are regulations associated with installing a balanced flue, but most external walls are suitable.

Hole in the wall gas fires come is such a fantastic array of designs that you will be able to pick one that fits perfectly into your home. From sleek, contemporary, minimalistic designs to more traditional finishes, the choices are endless. The Fireplace Warehouse stock an impressive range of hole in the wall gas fires.