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Interior design trends for winter 2018/19

As we head towards the end of the year, we start to get a better idea of what the biggest trends of winter 2018/19 will be. While a fireplace is usually an investment that remains in the home for many years, choosing wisely means you can enjoy a stylish fireplace that will work with various decor as you change your home's look with future trends.

Here are some of the biggest trends for winter 2019/20, along with the type of fireplace that will work well with each.

Nude tones

The ultimate neutral and one that works well in many rooms, nude is set to be huge over the coming season. It works well with other neutrals and creates a soothing, relaxing space when used in a living room. While it might not be the most practical shade in a busy family home, it is certainly inviting and classic. If you want to pair a fireplace with a nude or other neutral colour scheme, it is important to steer clear of anything too heavy or darkly coloured. Look for lighter fireplaces and stick to light woods and more delicate fireplaces if possible.


Think bright colours and eclectic patterns paired with stripped wooden floorboards. Bohemian decor looks stunning; however, it can be hard to pull off and rarely works in very modern homes. The main thing to avoid here is anything too shiny or contemporary-looking. The best choice is probably a wood burning stove or other stove that won't look out of place in your boho living room.


There has been a move lately towards decor inspired by space and the cosmos, which is great news for anyone who favours a modern look with lots of polished metal. If you want to subtly add elements of this trend to your home, consider adding metallic cushions or textiles in silver or different shades of grey. The best fireplace for this type of decor is something with a sleek appearance with metal detailing. Avoid anything too traditional-looking or with a heavy wooden surround, as these will jar with a cosmic theme. Get inspiration by checking out the contemporary fireplace collection.


Now that copper appears to have had its moment, brass is set to be the next big metal trend in decor. It has a somewhat unfashionable reputation, but this could soon change. Modern fires with brass fittings are readily available and will complement other brass fixtures.

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