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Mantelpiece accessories for any style

<p>Whether you prefer the sleek minimalism of a couple of pictures, a simple bunch of flowers or an array of colourful mementos adorning your fireplace, the right accessories are just the thing to add a personal touch to your living room. Alternatively, do away with accessories altogether for a clean, uncluttered finish.</p>
<h2>A single bunch of flowers</h2>
<p>This is a great option for anyone who likes to keep things simple and dislikes clutter. Plain glass or crystal vases look great in any room and go with any decor, and you can mix or match your flowers according to the season or your mood. Choose a multi-coloured bouquet to add interest to a plain or white room, or opt for a single colour if you simply want to add a splash of colour. Tulips and carnations are affordable all year round and come in a variety of pretty pastels and brighter shades, while daffodils are readily available throughout springtime and are popular with everyone. For a warm autumn feel, choose miniature sunflowers, and opt for something in a vibrant red for the festive period.</p>
<h3>Use your mantelpiece as a picture shelf</h3>
<p>While many of us still hang our photos and pictures on the wall, the picture shelf has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unless you already have a mirror or picture hanging over your fireplace, the mantelpiece makes a great picture shelf. Choose matching frames to keep things neat, or go for mismatched styles and sizes to add interest, and show off your favourite family photos or art prints in the centre of your room.</p>
<h3>Embrace with tea lights and fairy lights</h3>
<p>Fairy lights and candles are not just for Christmas - create a warm, welcoming environment all year round by accessorising your mantelpiece with your favourite candles, tea light holders and fairy lights. Drape a short fairy light cable of clear lights across the mantelpiece for a pretty twinkle every evening of the year, and add your favourite statement scented candles or a selection of cute tea light holders.</p>
<h3>Keep your mantelpiece clear and accessorise the wall</h3>
<p>If you prefer to keep your mantelpiece free of accessories, keep things simple with a large mirror or framed picture hanging over the fireplace instead. This creates a pleasing focal point for the room. A large mirror has the added advantage of reflecting light back into the room and making the space feel larger.</p>

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