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Matching your fireplace to your decor style

With so many styles of fireplace available today, it can be hard to know where to start when you are looking to replace your existing one. Unless you are completely overhauling your room's style, you will want to opt for a fireplace that sits well with your existing decor.

This guide outlines some of the most popular fireplace styles to help you identify which type will best complement your home.

Contemporary fireplaces

If your home is a new-build or you favour a modern style with contemporary furnishings and decor, you will want a fireplace that complements your choices. Modern and contemporary fireplaces tend to be less ornate than more traditional designs, giving you a cleaner, sleeker finish. Chrome is currently a very popular choice in fireplaces and works well with all colours. Electric fires are also a great choice for modern homes, delivering the welcoming ambience of a traditional fire but with a contemporary twist. Depending on your colour scheme, black can work very well in modern surroundings.

Traditional fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces work well in period properties, no matter the size or age. Unless your property has been extensively modernised over the years, more contemporary designs will look out of place in your home. For the ultimate traditional fireplace, a real fire is hard to beat, but this is not possible or practical in many cases. Traditional gas fires work well in period homes and you will find them available in a huge array of styles and sizes and at a wide range of price points. Cast iron inserts and other accessories enable you to enjoy the look and feel of a real fire while taking advantage of the convenience of gas. Here at the Fireplace Warehouse, we have a huge selection of traditional fires.

Wall-hung fires

These have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason - they are easy to use, they look striking, and they take up very little space. While they might appear to be better suited to modern homes, they can also work well in older properties in rooms that do not have an existing fireplace. While you can get gas wall-hung fires, most wall hung fires are electric. One big advantage of this style of fire is that it does not dominate the room, meaning you will barely notice it is there unless it is switched on. Once you do switch it on, you will have a stunning focal point that instantly creates a warm, cosy atmosphere.