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Solid oak fireplaces: the timeless choice

There is nothing like an expertly-crafted solid oak fireplace to elevate any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Oak is a timeless material choice for a fire or mantle surround and as solid wood is so versatile, it can complement any decor style.

Solid wood also has the advantage of being able to perfectly set off most types of fire. Whether you have a traditional real fire, a gas fire, an electric fire or a fuel-burning stove, a wooden surround will provide an attractive and luxurious finish. A simple electric fire can be lifted by a sleek, contemporary oak surround, while a more traditional surround is the ideal way to complete a rustic stove. As oak is so timeless, you know your fireplace won't go out of fashion after a couple of years.

Contemporary oak fireplaces

If you have a modern home, whether a recently-built property or an older building that has been renovated and updated, you will love the warmth a contemporary solid oak fireplace brings to your room. Modern properties often lack some of the character associated with older homes; however, installing a solid wood fireplace instantly lifts any space. You will find oak fireplaces in a range of attractive shades and finishes, meaning there is sure to be something that suits your existing colour scheme and decor. Fire surrounds in lighter shades often sit best in contemporary homes and add warmth and a welcoming feel without dominating smaller rooms.

Traditional oak fireplaces

In a period home or a larger property, you can probably get away with something more striking than you might be able to in a smaller space. Larger rooms can often carry oak fireplaces in darker shades, particularly if they get a lot of light.

It is also important to consider proportion when choosing any fireplace, whether oak or any other material. While many people like their fireplace to be the centrepiece of their room, you definitely don't want anything that overpowers the space and looks out of place. Don't just consider the size of the room but also the ceiling height, the placement of the doors and windows, and the size of the furniture in the room. Period homes often have higher ceilings than more contemporary homes. If you have a large, spacious and well-lit room, you will be able to go to town and select a far grander oak fireplace than you would in a smaller space.

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