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The benefits of a gas fire

Gas fires are still the top choice of fireplace for British homeowners - and for good reason. Not only are they affordable and easy to use but also they are available in a wide range of styles, meaning there is a model ideally suited to every home. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you will find a gas fire to perfectly complement your decor.

Cost-effective heating

Gas is an affordable heating solution for many homeowners, and a gas fire can actually help you to cut down on your heating bills. If you tend to use one room in your home far more than others - usually the living room, for example - it makes sense to concentrate on heating this room. Heating the whole home when you barely use it at certain times of day is a waste of money and energy. Having a gas fire to heat your living room means you might not need to use central heating nearly as much. You might even be able to switch off the radiator in your living room for much of the time and simply have the fire on as and when you need heat.

Instant heat

A gas fire will heat your room far more quickly than a radiator. This is a welcome benefit, especially in very cold weather. With central heating, you often need to think about your plans in advance if you want to ensure your home is warm at a certain time; for example, if you arrive home earlier than expected and your heating has been off all day while you have been out of the house, it will take time to warm up your room. With a gas fire, you can simply switch it on and you will have instant heat.

The look of real fire without the mess

Many gas fires these days are extremely attractive. The traditional idea of a gas fire as an unattractive box fixture on the wall is a thing of the past, with today's designs modern, stylish and extremely visually appealing. If you love the look and feel of a real coal fire but do not want to deal with the hassle or the mess they entail, a gas fire designed to replicate the real thing is the ideal solution. You will be able to enjoy the ambiance and warm welcome provided by a real coal fire with instant heat and none of the mess or effort.

If the benefits of gas fires sound like a perfect match for your home's heating requirements, make sure to take a look at our range of gas fires for sale.