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The continuing evolution of gas heating appliances

As the range of gas heating appliances continues to expand and evolve, it seems reasonable to conclude that there is a perfect gas heating solution out there for every home.

Whether you are shopping around for a traditionally-styled inset fire with a log or coal effect or a far more contemporary ‘hole in the wall’ style, you will find yourself spoiled for a choice in today’s marketplace.

Highly-decorative inset frames and fronts are offered in a plethora of styles, while the sleek ‘cassette’ fires look equally stylish when left unframed. Those hoping to replicate the flickering effect of a real open fire will be delighted to discover just how realistic a gas fire can be, with a choice of natural log, driftwood, stones and coals available as a base. Those looking to make a real design statement can now also opt to use stunning high-colour beads for a truly striking effect.

Before you begin to select styles and accessories, it is vital to verify that a gas appliance is the best choice for your home. If this is to be your first gas appliance, it would be in your best interests to ask your retailer to recommend a registered installer who can conduct a survey of your property pre-purchase to ensure that it meets the criteria for your chosen stove or fire.

A key factor to bear in mind is how much it will cost you to use gas and whether it is a practical choice in your individual circumstances. Lots of properties are already connected to natural gas; however, even if your home is not, you may still be able to install an appliance that runs on bottled gas.

Once your property has been surveyed, it is time to start shopping around for an appliance that will both meet your heating needs and suit your design scheme. While those living in period properties may lean towards a fire in the same style, such as Victorian or Edwardian, others may choose to make a feature from a bold contemporary installation. Those in more recently built properties may opt for a sleek contemporary style; alternatively, more traditional styles can look great in a modern setting.

Today’s gas fires and gas stoves come with a wealth of features that make them very user-friendly. Many have remote controls, meaning you can turn the fire on and off and control the heat and flame size from the comfort of your sofa!