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The timeless appeal of a solid wood fireplace

The ideal focal point for any room, a solid wood fireplace adds character, warmth and style. While stone or marble fireplaces might look great in some homes, they certainly are not for everyone. Many people don't like the look or feel of these materials in their home and they don't always sit well in smaller rooms; however, due to its versatility, wood is available in enough finishes, colours and shades to complement any decor choices. No matter the size, age or style of your property, or the size of your budget, a solid wood fireplace is a great classic choice for any room.

Light or dark?

If you are thinking about fitting a solid wood fireplace, you will need to choose your colour carefully. Many homes these days feature fireplaces in lighter shades, as these can help smaller rooms to feel bigger. Lighter wood often has a more contemporary feel, whereas darker, heavier fireplaces can look great in period properties or more spacious homes. The chances are that you will want to redecorate your room at some point before replacing the whole fireplace, so choose a colour that will sit well with a range of colour schemes rather than focusing too heavily on the current decor.

Choosing the right background

When you choose your fireplace, you will also have the option of different back panels. Depending on the model of fireplace you opt for, you might be able to choose from different materials, finishes and colours. While these panels should complement the solid wood surround, you will also need to think about the rest of the room and pick something that will sit well with your home's style and colour scheme. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to provide advice if you get stuck.

What type of wood?

Our striking fireplaces are available in a variety of stunning woods, but which one is right for your home? Oak is by far the most popular choice for a solid wood fireplace due to its attractive appearance, durability and versatility. You can choose from countless finishes and will find shades from the lightest beige to rich, dark browns. You will also find fireplaces that make use of more than one type of wood, such as oak and walnut. This creates a more high-end finish that is perfect when you want a luxurious look in your home.

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