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Wood burner maintenance

If you have invested in a wood burning stove, you probably love how low maintenance and efficient it is; however, even the most efficient stoves need a little TLC from time to time, and when better than at the end of a long, cold winter? Maintaining your stove is easy, but you need to do it fairly regularly if you want to keep your wood burner in top condition. Here are some simple tips to help you take care of your wood burning stove.

What you will need

You won't need all these items every time you inspect your stove but having them all to hand will save you time and effort when your stove needs a thorough spring clean. You should have a stiff brush, appropriate oil and a brush, stove glass cleaner, appropriate stove paint, an old towel or rag, steel wool, and heavy-duty stove cleaner.

Removing rust and dirt

If you don't have any rust, you can move on to the next step. To remove rust, simply rub it away with steel wool. Make sure you remove all rust and any loose paint or other debris before you paint your stove. Next, clean dirt from the stove using a brush or cloth and appropriate cleaner.

Cleaning the stove window

Sooty windows in a stove can be a sign that the stove is not working as efficiently as it could. Clean the window using a suitable stove glass cleaner and a cloth. Some cleaners will require you to leave them to work for a number of minutes before wiping away. Follow the instructions supplied with your particular product, wiping the cleaner away with a cloth when it is time.

Painting your stove

Stove paint is readily available and is a fantastic way to both protect your stove and give it a makeover. Your stove needs to be completely clean and dry - and, of course, cold - before you can paint it. Take your time painting and apply the paint in thin layers. One layer should be enough if you are simply doing a touch-up job.

Give your stove a health check

Your stove should be looking a lot better now, but it is still a good idea to check all the finer details. Check the seal is in good condition and that it is performing correctly. You can check the seal by lighting a small fire and closing the door and air intake supply. Hold a lit match outside the door and observe whether it flickers - if the flame is drawn towards the door, this indicates your seal needs replacing.

Time for an upgrade?

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