Broseley Stoves

Proudly based in Britain, Broseley is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of stoves. With over fifty years of manufacturing history, Broseley now produce a wide range of stoves which includes wood burning, electric and gas stoves and even multi-fuel options. At The Fireplace Warehouse, we stock an excellent selection of top Broseley stoves which can be purchased right here through our website or via a visit to one of our four showrooms in the North West.

Broseley Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are enjoying a huge renaissance, proving popular with a variety of homeowners. Broseley wood burning stoves create more than just warmth: they also help set the tone with their stylish design and help create a homely atmosphere. Broseley wood burning stoves are also hugely efficient, capable of keeping an entire floor of your home warm. They can also create enough heat to help warm through the upstairs, which is why those who install wood burning stoves often find their heating bills drop dramatically.

Broseley Gas Stoves

Broseley gas stoves are a really simple way to achieve the rustic, trendy look of a stove with the safe and simple option of gas to fuel it. Our range of Broseley gas burning stoves have real flames but require no wood or coal.

Multi-Fuel and Electric

Our range of stoves from this leading manufacturer includes clever multi-fuel options. Multi-fuel stoves can burn both coal and wood, making them hugely practical. For some an electric stove is a simple solution, especially for those without a gas supply and who want the practicality of not having to buy wood or coal. Broseley electric stoves are equally attractive as their wood burning counterparts.

Variety of Styles

Whatever the existing style of your home, you'll easily find the right Broseley stove for your taste. All Broseley stoves are made from a combination of steel and cast iron, finished in a striking matt black. They are then available in a range of designs, from sleek modern options with clean lines, absolutely perfect for the modern home, to rustic styles which are ideal for country cottages and ornate classic stoves, perfect for grand period homes.

Buying Broseley Stoves from The Fireplace Warehouse

At The Fireplace Warehouse we are experts in stoves, and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you choose the right Broseley Stove for your home. We also offer a full manufacturers warranty guarantee on all stoves and fireplaces.