Burley Fires & Stoves

Burley flueless gas fires and stoves are attractive, efficient and reliable heating appliances for any home. Our range here at The Fireplace Warehouse includes flueless gas stoves and gas fires suitable for all styles of home and all budgets. Freestanding and without the need for a chimney, the Burley range offers the looks of an elegant traditional wood burning stove without the inconvenience. Browse the range of Burley appliances within our online catalogue to find your ideal flueless fire.

Burley flueless gas fires

Our extensive Burley flueless fires range is one of our most popular ranges and includes many styles. The flueless gas fires available from our online store include the Environ and Perception flueless gas fires. These feature manual control as standard and remote control as an optional extra, enabling you to choose the control style most suited to your home and needs.

Other features of the Burley range includes an LPG bottled gas option in addition to the standard natural mains gas, along with optional ventilation enhancements such as the 100cm2 room air vent and ArrestAir-Pro vent. These gas fires and stoves options are 100 per cent efficient and lose no heat. They can be used on internal or external walls, and no chimney is required.

The Burley range also includes the Acumen hole-in-wall gas fires range, which offers the same optional ventilation options as the regular Burley flueless fires range. These hole-in-wall options are highly efficient and have very low running costs. They are the energy-efficient option of the future and are becoming a hugely popular option.

Burley flueless gas stoves

If you are looking for Burley flueless gas stoves, we have an excellent choice. The Burley Esteem flueless gas stove enables the placement of coals or logs, along with the ventilation options available across the other ranges. The Esteem design is highly efficient and clean burning with a catalytic converter. Freestanding and stunning in design, it is highly versatile and can be fitted to a flat wall to match any room interior.

Other elegant gas stoves in our range include the Burley Ambience flueless stove, which features natural gas or LPG gas as options and is made from cast aluminium. This stove facilitates a traditional appearance with none of the hassle and mess of a classic stove. It does not need a chimney or flue and is entirely freestanding; in addition, it has a realistic coal effect that can be seen through the glass front.

Buying Burley products online

It is easy to buy Burley flueless gas fires and Burley flueless gas stoves online through The Fireplace Warehouse. Simply browse the options available in our extensive Burley range and read the useful product descriptions. You can easily add your choice to your shopping cart and order online. With over 20 years in the industry, we can offer the best value products at the lowest prices. For more information, read the reviews on site or call our friendly and helpful team.