Fireline Stoves

Lots of people want the cosy, warm feel of a wood burning, Fireline stoves combine the look and feel of traditional wood burning stoves with instant control for convenience, making them the perfect modern wood burning option.

Fireline stoves are the perfect stove for any home. They are available in a wide range of styles, from traditional styles to more modern designs perfect for minimalist homes, which means it should be easy to find the perfect wood burning stove to suit your personal style. The stoves are also very energy efficient - Fireline wood burning stoves start from at least 70 per cent efficiency, which can rise to over 80 per cent efficiency depending on the model. The devices will heat your home without wasting any extra heat, meaning they are better for the environment and your energy bills will be cheaper.

Some of the main benefits of Fireline wood burning stoves include:

  • They are eco-friendly.
  • You will only pay for the wood you use, as they are very efficient.
  • The stoves can produce a large amount of heat, so one stove can heat a very large room.
  • The stoves are a type of renewable energy.

We stock a wide range of Fireline stoves, from Fireline multi fuel stoves to Fireline solid fuel stoves. Fireline is one of the leading fireplace producers in the UK and is known for producing durable products that can last for decades, which means our customers do not have to worry about their devices breaking down in the near future.

The Fireline multi fuel stoves and the Fireline solid fuel stoves offer dramatic, beautiful flames that will warm up your home and create a cosy, peaceful glow. The multi fuel stoves can also be used to burn a range of different suitable materials, although the best option is still well-seasoned logs that are ready to be burned.

What are you waiting for? Take the time to check out our selection of contemporary and traditional Fireline stoves to see which takes your fancy. Due to the wide range of styles, you can easily find a stove that would not look out of place in either a newly-built home or a farmhouse and will be able to find a stove that you love!

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