Gazco Gas Stoves

The glow of a fire and the warmth it radiates are irresistible. However, while log burners can look attractive, they are a lot of work in terms of cleaning and sourcing fuel.

The Fireplace Warehouse and its high-quality offerings can resolve all these issues with the wonderful range of Gazco gas stoves. These stoves are designed to complement any setting, are easy to maintain and are deliciously warm even on the chilliest nights. With Gazco gas stoves you are investing in wonderful comfort and convenience, along with a focal point for your home that will add value and much enjoyment for many years to come.

Included in the range of Gazco gas stoves that the Fireplace Warehouse offer is the elegant Vision stove with an optional bench. With its clean lines it will look great in any setting - particularly a contemporary design scheme.

The Stockton gas stove is a more traditional model made of the highest-quality cast iron and steel with a heavy door. The authentic styling combines with the latest technology to deliver vintage ambience with modern high performance.

The Marlborough gas stove is also a traditional style that incorporates a large glass panel in the door to allow maximum enjoyment of the flame and log fire effects within. This stove has Piezo ignition and controls to adjust the heat and flame levels to exactly where you want them.

Striking and efficient, the Vision Midi gas stove is stunning to look at with a large glass front panel, providing all the contemporary convenience of modern technology. Visually this is an exciting model, as it is available with an incredibly realistic fire effects set in logs or white stone. This stove is available with manual controls or can be linked to a thermostat for simple monitoring.

Those with a bit more space and a chimney who want to make a real style statement while delivering incredibly efficient heating might opt for the Vision Large Conventional Flue Gas Stove. This stove is a large, impressive rectangle with a sleek glass panel at the front to allow enjoyment of the flames inside. This stove will look impressive whether it’s freestanding or set into a wall or alcove, and it is also available with an optional bench for storing decorative wood or other items. The fuel bed effect can be logs or white stones, and the heat and visual settings are easily adjusted by a remote control.

Gazco gas stoves are great value for money and represent an impressive fusion of practicality, efficiency, beauty and charm that will enhance any home. At the Fireplace Warehouse we are proud to stock these stoves and combine them with acclaimed service from our website. Shop online with us today for the best service and prices.