Invicta Stoves

The Invicta Company was founded back in 1924 in the town of Donchery in France's Champagne-Ardenne region. The firm has been producing high-quality stoves for almost 100 years, including its popular wood burning and pellet stoves. Everything the company produces is designed and manufactured in house, meaning you can be assured of the highest attention to detail in all Invicta stoves.

Invicta wood burning stoves are extremely popular for a number of reasons. Not only are they well built from the finest quality materials but also they are more environmentally friendly than many other heating options. Invicta wood burning stoves were originally created to take advantage of a major renewable energy source: wood. Not only do wood burning stoves help to minimise your environmental footprint but also they add an attractive focal point to any room and create the perfect welcoming, cosy, atmosphere when temperatures drop. Wood burning stoves can be used as a main source of heating or alongside other types.

Invicta pellet stoves are another popular offering from Invicta. The pellets referred to in the stove's name are typically manufactured from wood chips and sawdust and produce efficient heating when burned. Invicta pellet stoves typically have a performance rating of 80 - 90 per cent, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants fast, efficient heating in their home. Invicta pellet stoves can often provide more heat over a longer period than wood burning alternatives, with some models capable of burning an incredible 22kg of pellets. This would provide your home with heat for up to 36 hours, making this model ideal for busy homes in which the living areas are constantly in use or anyone living in colder parts of the country where the winters tend to be harsher.

One huge advantage of pellet stoves is that they do not need to be constantly topped up with fresh fuel; even better, some of the Invicta models can be programmed by remote control, enabling you to relax in the perfect temperature. Invicta pellet stoves are straightforward to use and provide a constant yet gentle heat for many hours, meaning you do not need to do anything once they are lit.

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