Stovax Stoves

Stovax stoves and fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any room, with their wide range of both traditional and modern log burners and gas fires, you can be sure to find a Stovax stove or fireplace that fits your homes aesthetic and feel.

Being the UK’s largest stove and fireplace producer, Stovax has a large catalogue of stoves, wall-mounted fireplaces, hearth-mounted fires and fireplaces & mantels.

Whether you’re looking for a modern log burner like the Stovax Studio 2 created by Stovax’s partner company Gazco, or a more traditional inset stove like the Stovax Stockton 7, The Fireplace Warehouse has got you covered. Browse our entire range of stoves.

Why choose Stovax?

With 38 years of experience in manufacturing stoves and fireplaces, the real question is, why not choose Stovax?

Established back in 1981, Stovax has decades of expert craftsmanship under its belt. They pride themselves on being one of the UK’s leading fireplace and stove manufacturers, shipping to over 25 countries worldwide.

With a track record like that, you can be sure to find a high-quality stove or fireplace that suits you. Take a look at the Stovax collection at The Fireplace Warehouse to find the perfect fireplace for your home.

Beautifully contemporary and efficient log burners

There’s nothing like a roaring fire to get the family huddled around in the dark winter months. With a Stovax log burning stove, huddling is not required, as Stovax log burners like the Stovax Studio 3 are designed to heat the whole room, with the Stovax Convector Heat Flow system channeling heat throughout the walls and firewood storage built in.

Stovax Even Offer Multi-fuel options

Stovax are well known for their expertly crafted log burning stoves and fireplaces, yet they also offer a number of multi-fuel options for those looking for a little more variety.

Stoves like the highly customisable Brunel 1A can use both wood and coal depending on your preference. It also has extra features like Airwash that keep the glass screen clean and clear so you can enjoy your fire in all of its glory.

Check out the range of Stovax Stoves here at The Fireplace Warehouse

You can find a Stovax Stove today right here at The Fireplace Warehouse! We’ve got a wide range of Stovax stoves and fireplaces that can be installed by our friendly specialists, give us a call on 01282 832550 and speak to one of our lovely advisors today to discuss the perfect Stovax stove for you.

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