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Suncrest Fires

The Suncrest fireplace collection features a broad range of stylish and contemporary fireplaces, suitable for any living space. You can choose from wall-mounted fireplaces to entire fireplace suits with added features to really create an outstanding hub in any room.

Suncrest have been in business for more than 15 years and are well-established experts as manufacturers and designers of elegant electric fireplaces.

Why Choose a Suncrest Fireplace?

Suncrest has a wealth of experience when it comes to producing fireplaces that will enhance your home.

Suncrest's fireplaces are made with cutting-edge LED technology, and their product line boasts electric fireplaces for all styles of homes. Electric fireplaces, in particular, are suitable for new construction homes that do not have a chimney.

Suncrest Electric Fires That Make a Statement

If you’re looking to create an eye-catching feature in your home, look no further than Suncrest’s impressive fireplace selection.

The Suncrest fireplace collection provides a multitude of options and both the Lumley Ambience and Bradbury Ambience feature LED mood lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a fireplace to enhance your living room, bedroom, flat or mobile home - Suncrest has your needs at the forefront of its creations.

Who makes Suncrest Fires?

The Suncrest fireplace brand is under the Charlton and Jenrick Group which has been established since 1986.

The production and design of their products has a strong emphasis on ensuring that a large percentage of goods are environmentally friendly - through sustainably sourced materials.

We stock a comprehensive range of Suncrest fires at the Fireplace Warehouse and have an array of stores located across the North West. If you’re interested in any of the products below and would like further details, please contact us on 0844 334 9655.

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