Electric Stoves

Snuggle down in front of a flame effect fire and choose a more efficient, cleaner and greener solution to your room heating

Electric Stoves

Electric Stoves

Widely recognised as one of the safest and most cost-effective ways in which to heat your living space, electric stoves are an ever-popular choice with home owners. The Fireplace Warehouse stocks a wide range of beautiful and stylish electric stoves to suit every taste and every type of room, and with some stunningly life-like flame effects, it has never been easier to make your living room the cosy, inviting space you have always wanted.

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  1. £799.00

    Sunvision LED Electric Stove Learn More
  2. £769.00

    Dimplex Meribel Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  3. £579.00

    Dimplex Oakhurst Opti-myst electric stove Learn More
  4. £579.00

    Dimplex Auberry Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  5. £929.00
    Huntingdon 30 Electric Stove Learn More
  6. £769.00

    Dimplex Burgate Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  7. £869.00
    Stockton 5 Electric Stove Learn More
  8. £49.99

    Dimplex dummy flue pipe Learn More
  9. £849.00
    Marlborough Electric Stove Small Learn More
  10. £549.00

    Katell Morpeth Electric Stove Learn More

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