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The Fireplace Warehouse now stocks a variety of fully functional companion sets. Whether for adding a visual quality to your home or for practical use, a fireside companion set is the ideal accessory for you to add your fireplace and it is bound the enhance your fireside experience.

These specialist fireside accessories are suitable for all solid fuel, gas or electric fires. Companion sets are complete with a handy brush, shovel, poker and tongs. The set complemented by a solid stand for them to hang on. These attractive fireplace companion sets are designed to all be fully functioning, so you can keep your fireplace tidy and keep the fire burning with ease.

The fireplace companion sets from the Fireplace Warehouse range in their height and size. From a tall 25"design to a petite 14" model you will find a set suitable for your fireside and your fireplace needs. Prices of sets vary but are wholly affordable.

These wonderful accessories are manufactured with a range of different materials from solid cast iron and steel to gorgeous chrome with decorative brass additions for a more traditional look. These high quality and strong products are designed to last with enduring strength.

Choose from a practical, space spacing duo piece or a more extravagant, larger decorative yet highly practical 5 piece fireside companion set. The sets are featured in a variety of tones from light pewter, bold black and dark greys adding real beauty whilst being a wholly useful fireside product.

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