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The Fireplace Warehouse stocks a number of fantastic flue and stove accessories that are available to purchase easily online. This range includes a vast number of register plates, stove pipes and fire bellows that are perfectly practical for protecting and enhancing your fireside experience.

When you are seeing to your own roaring fire, a pair of Stovax gloves are wonderful. These high-quality gloves are ideal for protection, preventing your hands from getting burnt. For those who love tradition a Stovax wood and leather fire bellows is perfect for getting your log and wood burner going.

It is important to note that any type of wood or solid fuel stove that heats up to and above, 5kW is required to have an air vent in the room where it is situated. At Fireplace Warehouse a variety of sized stove flue pipes can be found, from a straight designed 150mm to a 125mm with flute bend, there is something to suit your gas or solid fuelled stove. All solid fuel stoves and even gas stoves are required to have a stove flue pipe.

New and innovatively designed register plates that are completely adjustable are revolutionary for protecting your fire from objects falling inside from the stack into the fireplace or stove. It also works to prevent smoke from escaping from the fire into the room itself - all in all it makes the fire experience much more pleasant and more importantly protects you.

To make your fireplace more enjoyable and safe, the Fireplace Warehouse stocks many other useful tools and products like flue pipe thermometers, carbon monoxide detectors and moisture meters.