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When you have a wood burning stove, you will need a log rack or log holder to sit close to it, storing seasoned logs ready for use. No need to leave your cosy fire to go out into the cold to collect wood from your shed or garage. Simply make sure your log rack is full of seasoned logs before you light your stove and enjoy the warmth and comfort it offers all evening.

Log racks and log holders are decorative, often striking but also eminently practical. They store your wood logs ready for burning and, if you select one of the larger pieces, they also store the tools you will need for your stove: shovels, brushes and tongs. They are convenient, useful, always sturdy but they can also be sculptural feature points for your home, perfectly complementing your wood burning stove, adding the satisfying sight of a neatly stacked pile of logs, close to your wood burner. They have yet another bonus. With a full log rack, you can enjoy that wonderful smell that seasoned wood brings, even when your fire is not alight.

Our log racks and holders come in a range of beautiful and elegant styles. Choose from a traditional design in wrought iron or one in sleek, contemporary black steel. Choose something compact and simple or something more ornate, a feature piece of furniture. These beautiful yet durable pieces will add balance to your wood burning stove and bring the evocative smell of seasoned wood into your home all year long.

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