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Coal & Fuel Buckets

There's nothing like a real fire blazing in your hearth to bring a warm, welcoming feel to your home but it can be an untidy business. This is where a fuel bucket or coal scuttle can be an invaluable addition to your interior.

A Practical Option

Fuel buckets make it simple to transport potentially messy fuels such as wood and coal around your house, minimising the risk of damage to your carpet. This can be especially useful if you keep the bulk of your fuel in a shed or garage. A coal hod is not only a handy way to carry fuel but can also be used to store small amounts right next to the fire. You can neatly avoid dirty coal dust marking your carpet or fire surround. In addition, you can sit back and relax knowing that it's the work of just a moment to add extra fuel to your fire when it burns low.

A Stylish Accessory

A coal scuttle also makes an attractive addition to your fireside, whatever your style. For a traditional look, choose a rounded black pail or sleek coal hod finished in black. Brass handles and elaborate detailing add a touch of antique charm. For something more contemporary, what about a galvanised steel bucket? The silver finish looks stunning alongside a more modern fireplace. For an enchanting vintage look, an enamelled bucket in cream or pastel shades works brilliantly.

Using a fuel bucket is the ideal way to keep your hearth clean and tidy. Whether you choose one with or without a lid, they are the perfect place to store unsightly coal, kindling and firelighters.

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