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Bellageo Collection Fireplaces

The Bellageo collection is a unique selection of products created with the ultimate in luxury and opulence behind their design. These classically designed fireplaces are built from the finest creamy marble, limestone and slate materials for a hardwearing, high-quality appearance.

When selecting your fireplace, you have the option of choosing from the Bellageo marble fireplaces, which would make a perfect addition to any home interior where elegance is required. Alternatively, opt for one of the show-stopping Bellageo stone fire surrounds, which are carved from exquisite solid limestone and house a slate tile chamber. Both are a perfect addition to either a modern or traditional setting thanks to their neutral colour palette and simple, clean lines.

Each of our Bellageo stone fire surrounds is crafted with choice in mind. The purchaser has the option of choosing from a selection of different toned chambers for a bespoke look that will complement rather than overwhelm your interior. They are available in tones of rustic red, oyster cream, Welsh slate grey or polar white. The stone fire surround itself comes in two sizes - a smaller and larger version which suits a range of spaces. Both are taller than average fireplaces to add a stand-out focal point to your interior, with a double-stepped hearth to add a feeling of grandeur.

When it comes to Bellageo’s marble fireplaces, these cater to a range of tastes. A classic simple design with sophisticated Grecian columns is available, crafted in the finest Spanish marble. Each piece of natural marble is uniquely veined. No two fire surrounds will look alike, as no two pieces of marble will be the exactly the same.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of Bellageo’s natural cream marble fire surrounds, which feature gently curving pillars with ornate foliate carving. Reminiscent of designs first seen in the Roman Empire, these smooth slabs of stone would blend seamlessly alongside lighter paint hues or stand prominently in a room with darker tones of smoke and indigo. These fireplaces are finished with a multifaceted, multilayered approach which will delight and astound any guests that have the privilege of enjoying the view. Flat back panels or a natural brick chamber will complete the aesthetic, making the fireplace an ideal addition to a study or tasteful living space.

As with all modern fireplaces, the Bellageo marble fireplaces collection can be used with either a modern gas or electric fire. The slate and limestone varieties are designed specifically for the use of a stove. Electric, wood-burning or gas stoves are compatible.

Reasonable financing is available when purchasing any item from the Bellageo collection. Please contact us for further details.