Ridgemoor limestone fireplace

Ridgemoor limestone fireplace

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This lovely Ridgemore is a sophisticated little fireplace that is well suited to the smaller property. Each fireplace is a unique creation, constructed entirely from the highest quality, specially selected, 100% natural Portuguese limestone.

Portuguese limestone is undoubtedly one of the most attractive natural stones available. Formed approximately 50 million years ago, it is a natural sedimentary stone. Each piece has been cut directly from the earth and has a unique range of colours made up of calcite, silica, flint, sand and clay. It has a characteristic light matte background marked by mocha coloured striations and often includes various plant and animal fossils and blooms. Due to these inclusions and the natural variations in colouring and veining, each fireplace is truly unique.

The clean lines, soft neutral colouration, and classic texture are well suited to both traditional and contemporary décors. The size makes it particularly suitable for smaller rooms and, when professionally installed in your home, this elegantly styled fireplace is sure to become the focal point for many years to come.

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