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British Fires

British Fires really do resemble real fires. It’s almost as if fire has been captured in glass, the flames flickering and warming the room. These are electric fires on the next level - If you demand the highest standards of quality in your home, a British Fire electric fire is a must see. Download a brochure or call into one of our stores.

Why choose British Fires?

British Fires are designed to look like real fires, using the finest quality materials and incredible attention to detail to deliver true realism.

Wood Effect Logs

Wood-effect logs are carefully coloured and sprinkled with slate for an authentic burned and charred effect. The wood chipping floor adds to the stunning appearance and cleverly hides the air channels that control the flow of air. To complete the ambience, soft LED lighting complements the deep colours of the flame visuals.

Energy efficient heat distribution

British Fires make no compromise when it comes to the technology of their fireplaces. Stunning visuals, materials and lighting create the appearance of a real fire, while Air Curtain technology distributes warm air throughout the room. Drawing in cooler air from the top of the unit and distributing warmer air from the bottom fan ensures a wide distribution throughout the room, creating the warm and cosy feel we all love.

This clever heating technology means you can enjoy warmer rooms for less than the cost of a gas fire - with a smaller carbon footprint too.

New Forest, Inset fires

Named after the forest from which they take their inspiration, New Forest is an electric fire inset in glass. Incredible detailing to the logs and embers, plus the stunning LED visuals, make for a truly magical appearance, making any room look and feel enchanting and warm.

Scandinavia Inspired Electric stoves

Electric stoves resemble the wood burning stoves that are commonplace in Sweden and Scandanavia, perfectly capturing the feeling of hygge - that warm, cosy feeling of being somewhere pleasant, like in front of a beautiful fire. British Fire stoves are made from steel, with a cylindrical body that can be mounted on a wall or pedestal stand. They are a versatile option that is ideal for rooms without much wall space.

Versatile installations

With a selection of fireplaces that can be inset, pedestal standing or wall hung, British Fires are the answer to that burning question: where would you put a fire in here? The answer is, anywhere. British Fires can be built into your room as part of a refurb, or installed by one of our specialists.

Buy British Fires at The Fireplace Warehouse

The Fireplace Warehouse is proud to be one of the British Fire stockists in England. Call into one of our branches to see the near-exclusive range, or get in touch if you have any questions about British Fires and whether they would be a good fit for your home.