Esse Firewall 41 Manual Control

Esse Firewall 41 Manual Control

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The Esse 41 inch flueless gas firewall is at the cutting edge of modern fire box technology. Many modern homes do not have a chimney and installation of a flue can be messy, time consuming and expensive. This beautiful fire screen, however, is easy to install and to relocate. In fact, it can be placed almost anywhere provided only there be a gas source and air vent. By radiating the heat through a single-layered, attractive ceramic glass cover & convecting from the top of the unit, the room is heated effectively.

This firewall comes with either a natural or LPG (propane) gas burner depending upon the option chosen when purchased. It starts up with a spark ignition switch and runs at between 1.7 and 2.6 KW of heat. The auto shut off feature add to the safety of this attractive widescreen fire display.

Imagine sitting on your couch and viewing with satisfaction the blue and red flames of an Esse firewall dance before you. The pleasant glow of hot embers adds to the effect. And all of this seems like a framed picture since the limestone-like backing surrounds the fire. No smoke, no fumes, no flue.
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