Smoke effect electric fires

Nothing creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere like the warm glow of a fire. If you want the inviting ambiance of a traditional fire in your home without the hassle and smoke of a real fire, a smoke effect electric fire could be the perfect solution. A smoke effect electric fire does not require a chimney, so is perfect for homes without a chimney, or where the original chimney is not fit for use. Realistic smoke effect electric fires give you all the benefits of a traditional fire with none of the disadvantages or ongoing expenses.

Available in traditional or more contemporary designs, you will be sure to find the perfect electric fire for your home at The Fireplace Warehouse. With a range of styles and sizes, our collection of smoke effect electric fires allows you to experience the wonderfully soothing glow of real fire in a clean and convenient manner. Whether you love the look of a log fire or prefer the simplicity of a coal effect fire, you will find just what you are looking for within our collection.

In addition to the warm and inviting glow of a real fire, you will be amazed to see the incredibly realistic smoke effects produced by our range of Dimplex Opti-Myst firesfires. Our range of Dimplex Opti-myst electric fires in particular utilise exciting new technology to create realistic smoke effects that perfectly mimic the real thing.

Many of our smoke effect electric fires can even be operated by remote control, making them easy to use and incredibly convenient, in addition to being clean, safe and easy to install.