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We have a fantastic range of electric fires to choose from here at the Fireplace Warehouse. And, if you\'re after a discount electric fire, then our internet only deals may be right for you.

Whether you\'re looking for a fire that will complement your existing fireplace, one that forms part of an overall fireplace suite or a standalone wall mounted unit, you\'ve come to the right place.

An electric fire is a great way of creating a centrepiece to a room and adding warmth without the requirement for a gas supply or the need for cleaning that comes with a solid fuel fire. Electric fires heat up instantly meaning that they can easily be used and turned on and off as required.

Electric fires don\'t require a chimney which means that they can be installed in any room in your home. Wall mounted units don\'t take up much space so are ideal for rooms where space is an issue. And, with no heat escaping up a flue, electric fires are also incredibly efficient.

Here at The Fireplace Warehouse we pride ourselves on our professionalism and great reputation. We also recognise that spreading the cost of a new fire is important for some of our customers. This is why we offer a 12 month interest free period on many of our fires. And with some great value internet only offers to be had, this means that you can buy cheap electric fires without having to compromise on quality.