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Gas fires are a clean, quick and efficient way of heating a room. When the fire is switched on it doesn\'t take long to heat a room. Many of the more modern fires even have a remote control to operate the fire. There are gas fires available in a range of styles including those with a living flame designed to look like a traditional fire, those looking like a wood burning stove and those which are stylish and modern such as a hole in the wall design. Cheap gas fires are available in a range of stunning designs.

Many gas fires can be located in the fire place and give the appearance but none of the work or dirt of a real fire. Some manufacturers offer a surround available in a range of materials such as brushed steel, brass and chrome. While traditionally a gas fire would fit in or against a fireplace now it is possible to fit a flueless fire against an outside wall. These fires are available in wood stove designs, or to be hung on the wall with a feature of burning coals, in a very stylish surround. For places where space is especially limited, a slim line model may be just the thing.

Due to rising fuel prices, attention may be given to the most efficient gas fires. These high efficiency fires are available in traditional styles in the fireplace and also hole in the wall designs. Many manufactures including Legend, Fireflame and Bellageo offer discount gas fires. There is a huge selection of fires to choose from and there should be something to suit every style of room.