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Wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular and there are many attractive stoves available, made from a range of materials from traditional cast iron to modern stainless steel. Before deciding about design, it is necessary to find out if the property is in a smoke control area. If it is, then the stove installed will need to be DEFRA approved. These stoves have a design which burns cleaner and thus has less polluting emissions. There are many cheap wood burning stoves available. However, many stoves are designed to burn fuels other than wood and even if wood is to be the main source of fuel, a multi fuel stove may be a wise choice.

The appearance of the stove will be important as it will be the focal point of the room, especially when it is use. If the room has a fireplace, the stove may fit inside this. Alternatively, the fireplace may be sealed and the stove can stand forward of the original fire. What many people want is to be able to see burning logs and flickering flames for the cosy and welcoming atmosphere they give. That may suggest choosing one with a large and clear window rather than one with two smaller ornate windows. On the other hand, the features of a fancy window may be appealing, especially for the times when the stove is not in use. Stoves come with flat tops or shaped; the flue may be visible or hidden. While most stoves are black, it is possible to buy enamelled ones in a range of colours. There are many manufacturers who offer a discount woodburning stove including names such as Esse, Jotul, Stovax and Firefox.

It is worth spending some time considering what look you want in the room and you should find the stove to help you achieve it.

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