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Inset Solid Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Inset Wood Burning, Solid Fuel & Multi Fuel Stoves

Designed to be installed in the same way as traditional gas fires, an inset solid fuel stove is a great way to provide a timely heat boost to your living space. Incredibly useful for people with no access to mains gas and looking for an alternative for heating oil, solid fuel stoves are capable of burning a range of fuels.

Whether you are looking to use traditional fuels such as wood or coal, or you need to use a smokeless fuel in your inset solid fuel stove, it will cope admirably with all of these fuel types. With a heat output of around 5kW, whipping up a fire in your stove will certainly warm the cockles on a cold evening!

Inset multi fuel stoves are designed to fit in British Standard fireplace openings, meaning they can be installed quickly and conveniently in most instances. Unlike most traditional wood burning stoves or open fireplaces, an inset stove provides you with a great level of control over the heat which radiates into the room. Similarly, the way in which an inset stove is designed means that heat loss from central heating systems is far less than when an open fire is present.

Given that inset multi fuel stoves are installed into a recess within the wall, they take up far less space than a traditional stove, important in all but the most palatial rooms. Likewise, an inset stove is far easier to keep guarded from pets and small children than a large free standing solid wood stove.