JOTUL F163 (9kW) wood burning stove

JOTUL F163 (9kW) wood burning stove

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The Jotul F163 is a compact wood burning stove with an attractive, modern look. The cast iron base is fitted with three long, sturdy legs and the characteristic three glass wall design provides an airy, light, contemporary feel. Depending on your room’s décor, you can choose the classic black finish, black or white enamel, or the highly efficient and decorative soapstone top. Selecting the soapstone option will help you keep the room heated longer, as the stone continues radiating heat even after the fire has burnt down.

With an overall 115 kg weight and a 225 square meters heating capacity, this is an ideal option for those looking for a reliable heat source. The stove can accommodate both rear and top pipe connections and is capable of maintaining a constant heat output even as low as 3 kW with the maximum being 9 kW. The 33 cm maximum log size and the single air vent make this an easy to use, practical stove choice.
Cast iron
Suitable for low effect heating
Practical ash removal solution
Combines materials, different surfaces and colours
Special side glasses that stay clean
Easy to use with only one air vent
Ability to be connected to direct external air
Max output:9 kW
Heating capacity: max 225 m2
Approx weight: 115 kg
Log size: 33 cm
Efficiency: Over 82%
Flue exit options:Top and Rear

Min output:3 kW
Nom output:5 kW

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