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Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

Balanced Flue Gas Stoves


Browse Fireplace Warehouses complete range of balanced flue gas stoves. Ranging from small, contemporary burners to large, traditional style inset stoves you are sure to find the perfect addition to your living space that will keeping you warm without a chimney.
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  1. Gazco Onyx Liv 3 Balanced flue gas stove
  2. Gazco Chesterfield 5 Gas stove balanced flue
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As winter is stubbornly refusing to loosen its icy grip, keeping our houses warm and cosy is more important than ever. Choosing a company whose expertise is in fireplaces will provide you with the best advice when it comes to caring for your purchase in addition to sourcing sustainable fuel to keep your stove well-fed.

So, if you are keen to potentially save money and heat your home in a green friendly fashion, modern balanced flue gas stoves are a recommended option. Get in touch today on 0844 334 9655 and our friendly team would be happy to help you find your ideal modern balanced flue gas stoves.


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  1. What is a balanced flue gas fire?

    1. A balanced flue gas fire is a completely room-sealed appliance. Gas and air required for combustion circulates around the fire chamber and concentric flue in order to create a maximum heat output.

  2. Are balanced flue gas fires safe?

    1. All flueless fires are very reliable and they are one of the safest options available. This safety and reliability is due to the stringent CE regulations place upon manufacturers of this kind of fire. The location of a flueless fire can be on an external or internal wall. With this type of fire, there are no limitations like chimney position to consider.

  3. Do balanced flues get hot?

    1. Yes they can reach very high temperatures, so the surrounding area of the fire has to be suitable (nothing flammable). If you do have a balanced flue stove then regular care is needed to keep it from becoming scorched.

  4. Are balanced flue gas fires expensive?

    1. In actuality a balanced flue gas fires is very inexpensive as it has the lowest price per kW. This gas fire is extremely cheap to run and the costs can be a small as 9p per hour for a 2.0kW flueless fire.

  5. Does a balanced flue gas fire need a chimney?

    1. The short answer is no, they are designed to fit into rooms which have no chimney. However, considering how many benefits there can be, many people with class 1 chimney fires actually choose to use a balanced flue.

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