Smoke effect electric stoves

Can’t have a traditional stove? With an electric smoke effect stove you can have the charm of a wood-burning stove at the flick of a switch

Smoke effect electric stoves

Opti Myst & Smoke Effect Electric Stoves

For those who can’t have a traditional stove, we offer several alternatives, including a great range of electric smoke effect stoves. The Opti Myst electric stoves have to be among the most realistic ‘alternative’ stoves available today. They have a traditional look, and in addition to a very realistic-looking flame, they offer a smoke effect that makes it very difficult to tell the difference from a real fire. A very fine mist comes up through the coals or logs, giving the image of smoke rising from the artificial flame.

  1. £660.00

    Dimplex Auberry Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  2. £835.00
    Dimplex Meribel Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  3. £835.00
    Dimplex Burgate Opti-Myst electric stove Learn More
  4. £660.00

    Dimplex Oakhurst Opti-myst electric stove Learn More