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Inset Solid Fuel Wood Burning Stoves

Inset Solid Fuel Wood Burning Stoves


Fit a multi-fuel inset stove into your interior, with our range of contemporary and traditional appliances

Inset Wood Burning, Solid Fuel & Multi Fuel Stoves

Designed to be installed in the same way as traditional gas fires, an inset solid fuel stove is a great way to provide a timely heat boost to your living space. Whether you are looking to use traditional fuels such as wood or coal or you need to use a smokeless fuel, your inset solid fuel stove will work admirably with all of these fuel types. With a heat output of around 5kW, whipping up a fire in your stove will certainly warm the cockles on a cold evening!

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  1. Stovax Vogue 700 Inset Wood Burning Fire
  2. Fireline FPi5-3 Eco Design inset multifuel stove
  3. Fireline FPi5W-3 Wide Eco Design inset multifuel stove
  4. Fireline FPi8-3 Eco Design inset stove
  5. Stovax Studio Air 1 inset woodburning stove
  6. Stovax Studio Air 2 inset woodburning stove
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Unlike most traditional wood burning stoves or open fireplaces, an inset stove provides you with a great level of control over the heat which radiates into the room. Meaning that no matter what your room size, you will be able to find the perfect inset multi-fuel stove to suit your home.

Designed to fit in British Standard fireplace openings, inset multi fuel stoves can be installed quickly and conveniently, taking up far less space than a traditional stove. So, if you’re interested in one of our amazing stoves, buy online or come visit us in one of our showrooms in Burnley, Bolton, Oldham or Stockport, where we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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  1. What are the benefits of an inset stove?

    1. An inset stove has the amazing ability to send hot air straight into the room, rather than just heating the surrounding bricks. These handy stoves also give you the opportunity to add a pipe that allows the inset stove to send heat to whatever room you’d like.

  2. What is an inset stove?

    1. Inset stoves are mainly designed to be built into your chimney breast, where it will only leave the front of the stove visible. They can also be placed onto the floor or placed anywhere on your wall.

  3. Are inset stoves efficient?

    1. It’s thought that inset stoves don’t generate as much heat as other stoves. However, it all depends on the model of the inset stove you purchase, because you can easily find an inset stove with equal efficiency.

  4. Are inset wood burning stoves any good?

    1. One of the key benefits of an inset wood-burning stove is that they are a lot more efficient than open fires. Efficiencies in excess of 80% means that they can still provide a stunning feature to your living space.

  5. Do inset stoves give off good heat?

    1. While they may be different to “normal” stoves, inset stoves give off as much heat as freestanding stoves. Just ensure that it is properly installed and your heat will follow.

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