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Is a hole in the wall fireplace suitable for your home?

You have probably noticed the huge increase in so-called hole in the wall fireplaces in recent years and might be wondering whether this is an option for your own home. There are a lot of benefits of hole in the wall fires, including that they are excellent space savers. They also provide a clean, modern finish, making them ideally suited to newer homes or any rooms in which you want a contemporary finish but still need the warmth and ambiance provided by a fire.

There is nothing quite like the look of a real fire to make a room feel warm, inviting and welcoming, and a hole in the wall fireplace is an excellent way to give any room a makeover without losing any precious floor space.

How is a hole in the wall fireplace installed?

Hole in the wall gas fires can easily be installed inside a regular chimney; usually, there is not much conversion work required. Depending on the model you opt for, some building work might be needed; however, this can usually be completed in a day or two. If your home has a traditional chimney, the old opening will generally be sealed and your builder will make a new opening further up. Once the fire is in place, the surrounding brickwork will be plastered to give a pleasing, neat finish. Check out hole in the wall gas fires for sale.

Can I have a hole in the wall fire without a chimney?

If you are determined to install a hole in the wall fire but your home does not have a chimney breast, it is possible to build a false chimney breast to house the fire in. A builder will create a purpose-built cavity that will have the appearance of a regular chimney and will allow you to insert the hole in the wall fireplace of your choice. This can be a great way to add character and interest to an otherwise plain room. In most cases, the job will not take more than a few days and could completely transform the look and feel of your room.

The main disadvantage of this option is that the cost will be higher than for other fireplace options due to the extra time and work required. You will also lose some of your floor space due to the ‘chimney breast’ protruding into the room; however, you might decide this is a trade-off worth making to enhance your room with the fireplace of your dreams.