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Fireplaces: & Fire Surrounds

A beautiful fireplace creates a stunning focal point in any living space. Whether your style is cool and contemporary or sophisticated and classical, there’s a fire surround to suit your decor.

At The Fireplace Warehouse we specialise in stone, marble, granite and wood fireplaces that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle to create instant warmth and style.

Why Every Home Needs a Fire

A fire & fireplace, whether it be gas, electric or solid fuel, is the definition of cosiness, creating an instant sense of warmth and wellbeing. But did you know that a fire can also lower your blood pressure and help you de-stress after a hectic day?

That’s why we prefer natural materials for our premium ranges. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style, natural stone and wood create an attractive high-end finish and a sense of authenticity that breathes beauty and life into your home.

Your Fireplace Buying Guide

Nothing equals the ambiance of a real fire, whether you choose a wood-burning stove or a gas or electric fire. Our fireplaces will help you create the perfect finishing touch to your living space and instantly create character in even the most modern interior.

Our comprehensive range of fire surrounds and accessories can deliver an eye-catching aesthetic, whether you love the texture of stone or the warmth of wood.

Durability and Elegance

Opt for natural stone fireplaces to create a sense of elegance and a truly distinctive appeal for your lounge. Stone has a tactile appeal and a unique presence since no two elements are ever identical.

Stone also imparts a sense of durability and needs very little maintenance. Installed and sealed with care, a simple wipe-over with a cloth is usually enough to restore the finish to its former lustre.

Luxury and Style

The luxurious sheen of marble or granite is the ideal choice when you want to bring a sense of opulence to your home. Lending itself effortlessly to classic or contemporary designs, marble and granite fire surrounds brings a sense of elegance and permanence to your home. Add classical columns for period grandeur or keep the lines clean and modern for a timeless look.

Dramatically marbled finishes add some stylish pizzazz to your decor and creates a consistency throughout your home if you’ve used this beautiful material elsewhere. Our selection of beautiful marble fireplaces and granite fire surrounds can be paired with a gas or electric fire to create a truly stunning focal point.

Light and Drama

Natural limestone is the choice of savvy homeowners looking for an alternative to marble. Yet this lovely pale-coloured stone has a textural appeal of its own, bringing a sense of light and space to any room and brightening up a dark one. Limestone lends itself particularly well to contemporary styles, so stick to clean lines and bold shapes for the best effect.

Our limestone fire surrounds and fireplaces are designed to bring effortless style to your lounge and pair perfectly with any type of fire for a touch of high-end glamour in your living space.

If you crave a real sense of drama in your living space, then nothing looks as good as granite. A dark granite fire surround makes a bold statement and a stunning focal point for any room. Sleek and sophisticated, this is an ideal choice when you want to create a truly unique aesthetic.

The Beauty of Wood

The traditional choice for the family living room, wood has a warmth and beauty that can’t be matched. Part of the trend for bringing the outdoors indoors, wooden fire surrounds create a cosy and traditional effect. Available in a wide range of dark and light woods and decorative or minimal styles, there’s a wooden fire surround to suit any living space.

A wood fire surround also looks particularly effective paired with a cast iron insert for a period centrepiece - or pair with a sophisticated stone insert for understated luxury. Our wooden fire surrounds are ideally suited to any style of décor, whether your style is pared back and understated or traditional and cosy.

Why Buy from Us?

At The Fireplace Warehouse we supply everything you need to create the perfect focal point for your home. We have more than 20 years of experience supplying premium-quality fire surrounds at affordable prices - we’ll even refund the difference if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere.

We’re one of the few retailers to offer full factory warranties of up to 25 years in length, so when you buy from us you’ll have complete peace of mind for years to come. We believe you won’t find a more comprehensive range of fireplaces and accessories designed to add the beauty and warmth of a real fire to your home.


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