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Are you thinking about installing a gas or electric stove?

If you have decided that you want to install a stove, there are a number of factors to consider before settling on the perfect model for your needs.

The role of the stove

Firstly, and most importantly, think about the role you want to the stove to play in your home. Some people want a stove that will heat and add a focal point to one room in their property, for example, while others will be looking to install a system that will heat their entire home and also supply hot water. Whatever your reason for looking for a stove, there are plenty of different models out there that will not only tick all the aesthetic boxes but will also efficiently meet your heating needs.

Non-traditional options: gas

While you may decide to fit a traditional log or multi-fuel burner, there are number of other options that may suit your home. A gas stove may be something to consider if convenience and ease of use are top of your wish list. Modern designs offer extremely realistic log or coal effects; as such, they are a great way to create a cosy atmosphere in a room without the maintenance that a log or multi-fuel burner requires. Gas stoves provide the highly-desirable combination of controllable heat and instant ambience at the flick of a switch, which goes a long way towards explaining why this sort of stove is steadily increasing in popularity.

Non-traditional options: electric

Another option that you may not have considered is an electric stove. The beauty of a stove of this type is that it doesn’t need to be fitted under a chimney, meaning that you can place it almost anywhere in the home. From your hallway to conservatory, all that is required is a place to plug it in.

Electric stoves are a truly versatile way to heat a room and they are available in a range of sizes, designs and price points to suit any interior design and budget. The flexibility of this type of stove is such that you can install it effortlessly and use it straightaway. Improved design technology means that these stoves really do look like the real thing, offering the comforting flicker associated with a real fire. As you can opt for the visual without the heat, they are perfect for more the more clement evenings we will hopefully be experiencing as the summer months approach.

Find the perfect model to compliment your home this Winter when you shop the electric stove range.