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What Are The Different Types of Fires?

At the Fireplace Warehouse, we have an extremely wide range of modern fireplaces to account for every style and taste. However, when you’re faced with such a vast choice, how do you know which is the right type of fire for you and your home?

There are three different types of fire; gas, electric and solid fuel. Our industry experts have put together a list of each different type of fireplace, and everything you need to know about them. So you can make an informed decision when choosing your fireplace.

Gas Fires

Gas fires are a clean, efficient and cheap way to bring heat into space. With the ability to provide instant heat, as well as coming with a controllable temperature gage, they are a popular choice. Gas fires come in a wide range of styles, perfectly offset by the look of real flames, meaning they suit modern interiors just as well as more traditional looks.

All you need is a working gas supply, making gas fires the perfect choice for those who don’t have (and don’t want to install) a flue or chimney. To ensure efficiency, a gas fire must always be installed by a gas safe registered engineer.

Our range of gas fires include; Wall hung, Inset wall, Inset multiflue, Inset flueless, full depth and high efficiency.

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Electric Fires

Electric fires give the option of having the look of flames in a space, with or without the addition of heat! Prefect for if you love the atmosphere of an open fire, at all times of the year. Some electric fires also come with the option to have a variety of different look flames on the screen, and many are remote control operated - making them the perfect choice for people with mobility difficulties.

Electric fires are also extremely easy to install, and you won’t need any additional professional help to provide ventilation. For most models all you have to do is plug in the fire, and enjoy. Similarly to gas fires, electric options also do not require a chimney or flue.

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Solid Fuel Fireplaces

A solid fuel fire is the perfect choice for those who are after a more traditional wood or coal burning experience. Not only do solid fuel fires provide the cosy atmosphere of sitting around  a real fire on a cold evening, they are also the most efficient and eco-friendly option. With wood being the carbon neutral choice.

They require a little more work and upkeep than other fireplace models, but if it's the traditional look and experience you’re after then this is the choice for you. Solid fuel fires also require a brick or stone (class 1) chimney or flue, which will need to be either checked for faults, unblocked, or built before the fireplace can be installed and used.

Our range of solid fuel fires include; Stoves, Wood burning and Coal burning.