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How to choose the best gas fire for your home

It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing an old fireplace, or installing an entirely new mode,
choosing a new gas fireplace and be a complicated business. So how do you go about
deciding which is the right gas fire for you?

The right fire is the focal point of any room and can completely transform a space. From
streamlined contemporary designs to traditional rustic looks; with such huge variety out there
you’re bound to find the one that you fall in love with. However, there’s more to choosing a
fire than just the look.

In 2019, the best gas fire is often the one that is the most energy efficient. Not only will the
most efficient fires help save you money on your gas bills, but also help lower emissions. So
how do you know which gas fire is the most energy efficient? We’ve put together a simple
guide to help you find the best gas fire option for you - it’s a must read before you go

Glass Front Gas Fires

Probably the most energy efficient of all the gas fire models, glass front fires work with
conventional flue systems in order to radiate heat directly into the room. This method forces
out warmth, with minimal energy waste. Warm air is also provided through convection, with
heat being passed through an exchanger. All together making them extremely energy

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Ideal for people who want a gas fire, but do not have a flue or chimney in place. Balanced
fires also have the added bonus of being highly energy efficient. They are supplied with their
own fue terminals and vent out through an external wall, in addition to this they have glass
front that are completely sealed. All of which means they produce both radiant and
convected heat, alongside no wasted energy. Check out the balanced flue gas fire collection.

Open Front Gas Fires

With the stylistic bonus of looking just like real fire, open front fires are extremely efficient at
heating your home. They provide a high amount of radiant heat, but limited convected heat,
and so are unfortunately not as energy efficient as other gas fire models. However, if you’re
after the look and feel of a traditional coal fire, without the mess and inconvenience of the
real thing, then open fronts are probably the right choice for you.

Radiant Gas Fires

These models have previously been considered ‘old-fashioned’, however there are now
many contemporary models available on the market. Radiant Gas fires have many positives.
They use ceramic plates to radiate heat. as a material ceramic has excellent heat retention
properties and will remain warm long after you have turned the fire off. In addition to this,
they also convect heat into your home through a heat exchanger. All together, this makes
them a highly efficient gas fire choice.

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