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Thinking about a hole in the wall fire?

While you might think of a hole in the wall fire as a contemporary design feature, it has actually been around for a good number of years. This type of fire has enjoyed a noticeable upswing in popularity recently, largely due to the fact that installation techniques have greatly improved and it is easier and cheaper to fit than in the past.

Traditionally, one of the main requirements for a hole in the wall fireplace was a hearth positioned on the floor in front of the proposed location. These days, however, in certain circumstances it can be installed without one.

Generally speaking, hole in the wall fires are available in two configurations: self-contained and gas fire insert. There are fires suitable for the type of your particular chimney - consult an expert to ascertain the right set-up for your home.

When selecting the perfect hole in the wall fire to suit your needs, take some time to consider what level of heat output you would like; for example, if you have central heating and will be using your new fire as a secondary heating source, you will be able to choose from a wide range of fires. If you are planning to use your fire as the primary heat source in the room in which it is located, however, you will need to do a bit more research to ensure the output is sufficient to meet your needs.

If you want to fit a fire in a small room, or dislike the idea of a traditional hearth, a hole in the wall fire is absolutely ideal. Most models are fitted between three and five feet above floor level, which means they don’t take up any floor space. There is a plethora of great designs on the market suitable for any period or style of decor and such fires make an attractive focal point, providing the desired ‘warm glow’ with minimum upheaval.

The price you can expect to pay will depend largely on the style and finish you opt for, with popular finishes including stone, various metals and granite. It is possible to enjoy a fully bespoke service, whereby the perfect size and shape of hole in the wall fire will be custom made to fit your exact specifications. For true flexibility, you can’t go far wrong with a hole in the wall fire.

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