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Your Guide To Gas Safety

Ensuring a high level of safety is important if you have gas appliances in your home, commercial property, or rented property.

Why is gas safety important?

Forgoing safety by cutting corners comes with a huge amount of risk, potentially leading to injury and property damage, not to mention costly repairs.

In the worse case scenario, poor gas safety can lead to life-threatening injury and even death. There are many instances of fatal accidents due to the neglect of gas appliances.

As a result, you should be aware of the various Gas Safe policies in order to maintain adequate levels of safety and appliance efficiency. This ensures better value for money for your energy and decreased risk of injury.

What is the Gas Safety Register?

The Gas Safe Register, ‘Gas Safe’ engineers and gas safety certificates are established methods used to achieve safety and efficiency of gas appliances.

In this ‘mini guide’ to gas safety, we provide more details on what to look out for when considering a new gas appliance or when arranging maintenance.

Gas Safe Register Explained

The Gas Safe Register is a database of fully qualified gas and heating technicians. It displays a list of engineers that have legal clearance to install and maintain gas appliances, such as fireplaces, boilers, cookers, and similar.

The scheme was previously known as ‘CORGI Registered’. But ‘Gas Safe’ is now firmly established within the industry. Tradespeople and engineers must be on the register to legally install and maintain gas appliances.

You can check if an engineer is ‘Gas Safe’ by searching the Gas Safe Register online. This provides a full list of accredited engineers.

Any person who is not on the register and displaying ‘Gas Safe’ credentials may be fraudulent. So it is very worthwhile to check the credentials prior to hire.

Gas Safety Certificates

Gas safety certificates are issued by qualified professionals and demonstrate that a ‘Gas Safe’ engineer has inspected all appliances and deemed them safe for use.

A gas safety certificate is important because it shows that appliances have been thoroughly inspected and tested.

Untested gas appliances that malfunction are a major fire risk and can leak toxic fumes like carbon monoxide.

Landlords and commercial premises require a gas safety certificate not only for safety purposes, but also for insurance cover.

If you are a private home owner, you do not need a gas safety certificate. But you do need to have any equipment installed or maintained by an accredited ‘Gas Safe’ engineer.

It is best practice to install carbon monoxide detectors in the home, commercial premises, and rented properties. These, along with smoke alarms, can save lives in the event of a gas leak or gas-related accident.

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