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Greener heating and government schemes

There is surely nothing more welcoming on a frosty night than the cheerful glow of a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove. Stoves tick all the boxes; for example, they are environmentally friendly and comparatively cheap to run. When you factor in just how practical they are and their stunning good looks, most people searching for heating solutions for their home will agree that they are onto a winner with a decent stove. As a bonus, there are a number of initiatives run by the government that are designed to help homeowners to install a stove as affordably as possible.

RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)

This initiative covers multi-fuel models; therefore, if this is an option you are considering, it could be well worth your while finding out whether you can benefit. Once fully consulted, this scheme will roll out and replace the current Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme. The RHPP allows landlords or homeowners who opt to change their heating source to one that is renewable to claim vouchers to help with the cost. This scheme is live across the UK, except for Northern Ireland, and it is possible to claim towards the cost of installing such items as biomass boilers and solar powered water heating in some cases. Although the homeowner or landlord will be required to meet a set of criteria before receiving their funds, the voucher will generally cover the cost of the new appliance; therefore, successful applicants need only find the extra cash to pay for the installation.

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a rather more general initiative. Primarily aimed at making UK businesses and properties more efficient in terms of energy consumption, this scheme is a loan rather than a grant. Businesses or homeowners who undertake to switch to a greener heating system, install double glazing or insulate their loft space will qualify for a cashback payment. There are some guidelines that must be adhered to when applying to the Green Deal scheme, with businesses and homes visited and assessed before any works commence. The work must be completed by a Green Deal accredited installer, and those who qualify will pay for the improvements to their property via their electricity bills.

Before installing your new stove, it can be concluded that it is definitely a good idea to research all the government schemes available that may be able to help you with the costs.

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